Department Logo Information

Our department's logo has an interesting history.  It is used as the patch on our uniforms, as decals on our squad cars, our letterhead, t-shirts and more.  We created out patch over 20 years ago and several of the officers at the time had input.  The Millstadt logo at the top of the patch has a rich history and is used by many businesses and organizations in town.  The logo was created in the 1940's by the owner of the old Millstadt Creamery.  The creamery began in 1892 and went out of business in 1972.  The very distinguishable "S" with the windmill blades makes it one of a kind.  Several people in our community and elsewhere collect the old creamery glass milk bottles and ice cream cartons that depict the logo.  Under the logo is the Seal of Illinois.  Under that is a nod to our German heritage.  Whereas many other departments put "To Protect and Serve" on their logo, we chose the German translation, "Zu Dienen Und Schützen."  We feel our logo is unique in appearance and rich in history.