Millstadt Park Pavilion Rental

The park pavilions are available for rental through the Village Office.  Any person interested in renting a pavilion may call the Village Office at (618) 476-1514 to check on available pavilions and dates, however, you must come in to the Village Office to complete a Rental Contract and pay the rental and deposit amounts.

Rental Fees

Village Limit Residents

The rental fee and the deposit fee must be paid in advance. Reserved signs must be posted on the reserved pavilion by 11:00am on the reservation day or the reservation will be forfeited and the pavilion will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. For weekend reservations the sign must be picked up by 5:00 pm on the Friday prior to your reservation. Reserved signs will not be available after Village office hours. Signs must be returned to the Village Office. When used over a weekend, you will need to return the sign on the Monday following the weekend. When used during the week, return the sign the day after the pavilion is used. The $35.00 deposit shall be returned or refunded when the Reserve Sign is returned and pavilion is left in an acceptable condition. 

The tables are not to be moved from under the pavilion by order of the Millstadt Park Board. The park must be vacated by 11:00pm.