Millstadt is located in the southwest part of St. Clair County. The Village was laid out in 1836 and was incorporated in 1875. The original residents were settlers from Germany. Much of the charm and character of the village is traceable to this heritage including many of the well-preserved 19th century brick buildings which they built. If you take a walking tour of the Village, you will still see many of the original buildings. Many of the Millstadt residents are direct descendants of the original early settlers of the Village of Millstadt and can share many history stories.

Millstadt has experienced steady growth over the years. A partial Census was completed in March 2006 to help bring the population count up-to-date. A new strip-mall was built in 2005 and new businesses have moved in. In the future, another strip-mall is planned as well as a new bank. 

If you would like more detailed information about the history of Millstadt, please feel free to contact the Millstadt Historical Society. Inquiries should be directed to Glenn Schaefer, Historical Society President, at 618-476-3696.