Opening Day: May 25, 2024

Closing Day: September 2, 2024

  • We reserve the right to close if the pool swimming population is less than 10 people or during periods of inclement weather.
  • Persons attending adult swim who do not have a pass must pay the remainder of the daily fees if they desire to stay past the end of adult swim.
  • The Pool will close at 5 PM on July 4th.
  • The Pool will be closed for the Southern Illinois All-Star Swim Meet on July 29th (In case of rain, the All-Star Meet will be held on July 30th.)
  • The pool will be closed Monday-Friday starting the first weekday following the start of school.
  • The Pool will close for the season at 5:00 PM on September 4, 2023.
Swim Meet Dates 

June 8
June 15
June 20
June 26 (rain date)
July 6
July 10 (rain date)
July 13

  • The pool will close at 5:00 PM for Millstadt Swim Team home meets.
  • The pool will be closed on July 29th for the All-Star Meet. In case of a rain out, July 30th will be the make-up day and the pool will be closed.

This schedule is subject to change. Changes will be posted as soon as possible at the admission counter and near the snack bar.

email for swim team - millstadtdolphinswimteam@gmail.com