Village Park

Entrance to Millstadt Village Park from North Polk and Kalbfleisch

The Village Park is located at the north side of Millstadt. To enter the front side of the park, turn left on Legion/Parkview Drive off of Rt. 163/N. Jefferson. The front side of the park includes: the children's play area with the rocket slide; Pavilions 1-5, available for reserved rentals; the Millstadt Village Pool; an entrance to the walking trail; the Grand Stand and two ball fields; and the Horseshoe pits.

To enter the back side of the Village Park, take North Polk Street to Kalbfleisch Street. The back side of the park includes: three ball fields; Pavilion 6, available for reserved rental; tennis courts; a small children's play area and an entrance to the walking trail.

Park Pavilion Reserved Rental

The Village Office takes reservations and deposits for park pavilion rental. To reserve a pavilion all deposits, rental fees and contracts must be made in person at the Village Office. Following is the deposit and rental fee schedule:

Village ResidentsNon-Village Residents
$35.00 Deposit (refundable)$35.00 Deposit (refundable)
$20.00 Rental Fee$30.00 Rental Fee

Reserved signs must be picked up from the Village Office, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm weekday. Reserved signs must be returned to the Village Office the following Monday after the reserved date and the deposit will be refunded at that time.

Baseball Field Rental Information

The baseball fields are available for league and team rental. Please contact (618) 476-1514 for field availability.

To see a map of the Village Park for the locations of the numbered rental pavilions and the ball fields, please click here.